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Donna sitting at an outdoor table smiling with laptop, phone and blue & white striped coffee cup.

Donna Blackwood - Founding Member, Director Marketing & Communications

Chief Storyteller


As a late-life diagnosed ND’er, and mother to two ND daughters, Donna is all too familiar with the challenges of starting, building & managing a business on top of life.  An accidental entrepreneur for 26 years with the last 15 in digital marketing, Donna is driven to help neurodivergents who don’t fit the neurotypical-dominated world, yet need assistance to build an economically secure future.

Areas of Expertise

  • Business & Marketing Coaching
  • Business Start-up Mentoring
  • Project Management & Accountability
  • Technology for Productivity
  • Recruitment & Employment
  • Entrepreneurship


  • 25 years of successful Entrepreneurship
  • Graduate Certificate in Management
  • Associate Diploma in e-Business
  • Associate Diploma in Human Resources Operations
  • Ocean Yacht Racing 
  • Community volunteer
  • Environmental advocate
  • Mother to 2 beautiful independent thinking daughters

Donna's Story

Diagnosed in my 50’s, which was the best decision I have ever made.  It is NEVER too late to discover who you are and why your life has taken the route it has.  It is my own lived experience, including as a mother to ND daughters, and those of countless other neurodivergent people which drives me in my commitment to not leave anyone behind, which means I will do whatever is in my power to ensure that no one has to live with the struggle of being ND (diagnosed or not) and the associated poor self-worth, shame, lack of employment opportunities and subsequent lack of financial security.

Neurodivergent individuals are 40% more likely to become ‘accidental entrepreneurs’. This is largely due to not fitting within the constraints of the neurotypical structure most businesses operate under & resist providing accommodations to NDs.

As the owner of a digital marketing consultancy along with managing a Neurodivergent Business Owners Network as well as community & environmental volunteering, Donna proves every day that with the right supports in place, we can be successful and financially independent. Even more, our beautiful brains allow us to see possibilities and then go for it!


I provide support, mentoring & coaching to help NDs create self-supported sustainable income.


Donna’s methods:

  • A practical approach to developing systems & routines
  • Using technology as a tool to automate tasks
  • Providing support & accountability
Reading Time: < 1 minute

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