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Image of a boy with hands on his head frustrated by letters flying around him. Quote by Max Brooks "My coping mechanism with my dyslexia is to use wit and humour"
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Dyslexia - Understanding & Support

Max Brooks is successful and if he didn’t tell you he was dyslexic you may never know.  Yet Max, (like many other dyslexics) felt that dyslexia was “the monster” in his own mind.

Dyslexia support

Supporting individuals with dyslexia is about being patient, understanding, and using a variety of techniques and tools to help them succeed. With the right support, individuals with dyslexia can overcome their challenges and achieve their goals.

Dyslexia is a learning disorder that affects around 10% of the population, but it can be managed with the right support and acceptance!

Dyslexia is not a lack of intelligence

It can be difficult for a child with dyslexia to accept their condition when society may treat them as inferior. Society has misconceptions about dyslexia, such as that it is a result of laziness or lack of intelligence. This can lead to children with dyslexia being stigmatised and feeling ashamed of their condition. However, it is important for the child to understand that dyslexia is a neurological condition and it is not their fault.

If you agree with that, do you also afford adult dyslexics the same support and acceptance?


Another way to help a child accept their dyslexia is to provide them with accommodations and support that will help them succeed. This might include extra time on tests, text-to-speech software, or other assistive technology. By providing the right support, children (& adults) with dyslexia can learn to read, write, and spell at the same level as their peers.

It’s also important to educate the child about their rights as a person with a disability and to help them learn how to advocate for themselves. Encourage them to speak up when they need accommodations and to share their needs with others.

How to support a dyslexic

Here are some ways to support individuals with dyslexia:

  1. Be patient and understanding. Dyslexia can make it difficult for individuals to process information quickly, so it may take them longer to read or write. Be patient and avoid interrupting them.
  2. Use visual aids. Many individuals with dyslexia benefit from visual aids such as diagrams, pictures, and videos to help them understand information.
  3. Use different font types. Some individuals with dyslexia find it easier to read text in certain font types, such as Open Dyslexic or Dyslexie.
  4. Encourage the use of technology. There are many assistive technology tools available that can help individuals with dyslexia, such as text-to-speech software and spell checkers.
  5. Ask for accommodations. In school or at work, individuals with dyslexia may need accommodations such as extra time to complete assignments, or larger font sizes on tests. If an individual is struggling, it’s important to advocate for them and ask for accommodations.
  6. Provide positive reinforcement. Encourage and praise their progress and achievements, and make sure they feel valued and supported.
  7. Educate yourself and others. Learn more about dyslexia and share that knowledge with others to help increase understanding and acceptance.

What is Umbrella Alliance doing?

At Umbrella Alliance, we understand the challenges that children and adults with dyslexia face on a daily basis. We are dedicated to changing that!

As part of #ND23, we will collaborate with individuals, experts, and education professionals to empower them with the knowledge and tools they need to identify and support individuals with dyslexia.

But our work doesn’t stop there. We recognise that the challenges of dyslexia don’t end when an individual leaves the classroom, employers and hiring professionals in the workplace will be better equipped to provide accommodations as awareness and understanding grows.  

At Umbrella Alliance, we believe that with the right support and understanding, individuals with dyslexia can overcome any obstacle and achieve their goals. We are committed to making that a reality for everyone.

Do you want to get involved?

Join Umbrella Alliance and improve outcomes for NDs everywhere! With your support, we can create a world where everyone is accepted, valued, and given the opportunities they deserve.

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Take the next step and join #ND23 today! Your support will help us continue our important work and bring us closer to creating a more inclusive world.

Donate now to make a difference: #ND23 – Open Collective. Every contribution, no matter how small, will help us in our mission to change the world for NDs. Together, we can create a brighter future for all.

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