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Umbrella Alliance is a neurodivergent-led transnational organisation dedicated to supporting the neurodivergent community on a global scale, by bringing neurodivergent self-advocates and allies together from around the world to engage in meaningful and goal-oriented conversation as to the barriers faced by neurodivergent individuals, and coming up with solutions to eliminate these barriers. We seek to raise the voices of ALL neurodivergent individuals, of all backgrounds, nationalities, ethnicities, cultures, religions, genders, and abilities, whilst working alongside our allies in creating meaningful change.

Open Positions

Volunteer PR Lead

As a PR Lead at Umbrella Alliance, you are a storyteller, a bridge-builder, and a changemaker. You will be responsible for shaping and conveying our mission – to understand, accept, and support neurodiversity – through powerful narratives and strategic communications. Your role includes establishing and maintaining relationships with key media outlets, creating compelling content, and managing our public image. In line with our commitment, your influential work will help foster a network of creative NDs and allies, providing them with tools for success. You will help us fulfill our vision – to be a community-led enterprise advocating for equity and sustainability for the neurodivergent population.

Volunteer Social Media Lead

As a Social Media Lead at Umbrella Alliance, you’re a key player in connecting and amplifying our global community’s voices. Tasked with managing our online presence, you’ll manage content that embodies our mission of understanding, supporting, and accepting neurodivergence. You’ll use your creative savvy to engage followers, spark conversations and spread awareness about our cause on various platforms. In harmony with our commitment, you’ll leverage online channels to facilitate a support network for our community members and allies, empowering them through shared resources and skill sets. Your work propels us towards our vision of creating an equitable community-led social enterprise advocating for the neurodivergent population.

Volunteer Marketing Assistant

As a Marketing Assistant at Umbrella Alliance, you are the fuel to our creative engine, driving our mission to ignite understanding, acceptance, and support for neurodivergence. You’ll help craft compelling narratives that resonate with our audience, spread awareness, and echo our values. Your work will nurture a community-led support network, providing resources and tools for neurodivergent individuals and allies. Your role is essential in illuminating the path toward a more accepting and understanding society.

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Copyright © 2022 Umbrella Alliance Social Enterprises. All Rights Reserved.
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