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Benjamin Christmass Founding Member, Director & Chief Librarian


I love to build ideas, concepts and frameworks. The backend, content curator and creator. I love utilising my written and speaking skills to convey hard-to-reach concepts and frameworks that can empower and educate others, especially in the realms of knowledge translation and communication.

Areas of Expertise

  • Knowledge Translation
  • Service Delivery Gap Identifier
  • Framework / Model Development
  • Public Health Governance
  • Neurodiversity
  • LGBTQIA+ Community and Trauma
  • Health Awareness / Promotion
  • Mental Health Education
  • Sociocultural Research
  • Spiritual / Pastoral Facilitation


  • Bachelor of Medical Science (Clinical Investigation) Degree
  • Master of Public Health
  • Health Promotion Practitioner

Professional Memberships

  • Professionals in Cardiac Science Australia

Benjamin's Story

My name is Benjamin, and I identify as non-binary. My pronouns are he/they. Until 2021, I struggled to manage my life with an undiagnosed neurodivergency that significantly impacted my daily life. It was like pushing a heavy boulder up a steep hill with lead boots on, in pouring rain and mud – this accurately describes my experience until the latter half of 2021. Through my journey, I have discovered the lack of support and awareness for late-diagnosed neurodivergent adults in the public and community.

My background includes clinical cardiac physiology, healthcare education, and support, mental health awareness and education, as well as sociocultural commentary and lived experiences. In 2021, amidst the pandemic, I completed my Master in Public Health and worked on a thesis focusing on alienation of LGBTQIA+ individuals and religious trauma.



I am passionate about public health and aspire to use my skills and experiences to bridge the gap in support for late-diagnosed neurodivergent adults. I am also an advocate for homelessness, disability, and older persons. I have experience in areas such as cardiac and neurophysiology, clinical education, and public health, and am interested in consultancy, advisory, and cultural change management. My preferred interests include public health, diversity and inclusion, and LGBTQIA+ social research. 


I strive to incorporate practices of loving-kindness, follow the path of 道, and respect all faiths and Indigenous and First Nation Peoples in contemporary and future sociocultural expectations and lived experiences.

Benjamin's Articles

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